Your Divine Self Is Calling You...

Soul Awakenings Inner Circle

Self-Love, Self-Acceptance & Divine Alignment With Your Soul
Will Unlock Your Life & Open Your Ascension Path

I invite you to join our glorious, Light filled Inner Circle to feel the expansive depth of self-love, to remember who you are and to know the stability and expansion that comes through Divine Self - Divine Soul Alignment!
The Inner Circle is a living, breathing response and support to our community's needs and growth!

September's Two Masterclasses topic: Healing the Shadow-Self
Masterclass One: Divine Self Includes the Shadow Self...Merging all aspects of you! (Mp3)
Masterclass Two: Shadow Self & Your Relationships (Live on 9/19 at 2 pm PST / 5 pm EST)

All MasterClasses will be recorded and mp3's provided after the Live class!

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