Soul Awakenings Inner Circle
Monthly Masterclass

You are here for a reason. You know it.
Your Evolution to Higher Consciousness & Ascension Is It.

Are you on the "game" board?
Are do you feel like you are being left behind?

Are you continously upgrading your physical, energetic and multi-dimensional consciousness to become the fully illuminated and awakened Soul you are meant to be here, in your current reality?

As the world structures and its citizens dissemble into chaos it is IMPERATIVE for you to find inner peace, love, and light to keep your vibration high and assist to heal your friends, family, community and humanity! 

Change DOES NOT happen through FEAR and Chaos! These energies are used by low-vibe beings to control, to disempower, and to keep you in struggle!

Free your consciousness from the frequencies of fear...

Receive your new armor of Light!
Raise your vibration through soul level healing!
Move into the sovereignty of your Soul's full mission and purpose to serve!

Our topic for this next masterclass series is:

Reaching Zero Point
By Ascending The 7 Wheels of Life That Are Governing You & Your Experiences

Contains Absolute Highest and Best Divine Life Plan for the person
on this wheel the person is free to choose their reality and bring that reality into true fruition. It is possible to create, sustain and release on this wheel of life with little effort. The person has embodied their true essence and their tools of power. The person who accesses the zeropoint frequency on this wheel of life is accomplishing their true purpose and life mission and regardless of what life throws at them they are able to perceive it in a way that is complementary to their life path without trying to make it so, the energy and effort to walk your life path occurs with true ease and grace. 

In the July 1st Masterclass it was revealed ...

The Divine 7 Wheels of Life opened us up to access multi-dimensional levels of "Wheels of Life", they are: the Beyond the Beyond, Ancient, Cosmic, Galactic, Universal, Platinum, Rainbow (Emerald, Rose) that are governing you! You aren't governed by them all but you are governed by more than one! We will be going deeper into all areas of these wheels of life as we go through this series! Buckle up cause it's going to be an amazing, eye and heart opening journey!

This masterclass series will continue to release, let go, harmonize and balance all seven Wheels of Life to bring you to Zero point and the ability to use void energy and beyond to fulfill your creations in your current life and reality!

You are invited to join us in:

The Soul Awakenings Inner Circle
healing and acceleration call
Saturday, July 18, 2020 @
2 pm PST / 5 pm EST / 10 pm London