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Do you want to experience the joy of being in the moment, of choosing happiness over fear, of knowing that you have everything you need to be fulfilled, successful and prosperous?

Are you ready to manifest your inner-power, purpose and prosperity in all areas of your life?

You can make it happen now with this transformational 21 day series of daily energy support, healings and activations!

Treasures of Transformation in 21 Days


Discover a program dedicated to harmonizing your human life and spiritual purpose, integrating them seamlessly as you step into your divine destiny. Embrace a vibrant joie de vivre as your daily awakening deepens, aligning your emotional body with your highest frequency. Embrace the joy, potential, and magic that each day holds, knowing that you are the true miracle behind this transformative journey.


  • 21 days of videos for quantum healings of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
  • Engage in a daily journaling practice that promotes reflection, provides deep insights, and empowers you to visualize and co-create with moxi in every aspect of your life. Experience an enhanced healing journey and tap into the transformative power of self-reflection and creative manifestation
  • Accelerate your ability to draw to you love, money, fulfilling career and be in Divine Alignment to get you into your highest frequency of co-creation


Let go of your pain, hurts and trauma's to become emotionally free. Release negative emotions from your energy body, to feel lighter, happier and more fulfilled in every area of your life.


Reprogram the negative messages that have been downloaded into your subconscious mind. Release your triggers so that you are no longer controlled by them.


True freedom comes at a cost. Your actions are guided by your will, which is influenced by your mind and emotions. However, this incomplete equation neglects a crucial element in attaining genuine freedom.


Forgiveness has a transformative power that no other human emotion has. It heals your emotions, mind and soul.


Shifting your perception of reality is the first step to awakening, miracles, and manifesting the life of your dreams.


This is a whole new way of thinking about your life, one in which you are consciously creating your own reality and not sitting around hoping for whatever it was you have been hoping for.

Treasures of Transformation Details


21 days of daily quantum energy infusion and support transmitted to you for emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation for higher vibrational self-development, inner peace, and unlocking your ability to create the opportunities and experiences you want to have in your life.


Daily guidance & visualizations to get the most out of the program by applying it to your needs.


Quantum Energy Healing connects you with the Divine Source of Love. It is a form of energy healing that works by penetrating all levels of your being, to release blockages & limitations – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.



Offered as video recordings of previous live 21 Day Treasures of Transformation Masterclasses. Each video is approx 20 minutes to give you the nugget of teaching and the action of channeled healing and downloads to help you move forward!


Connecting you with Cosmic Beings of Light to assist you in raising your frequency and living your divine purpose.


"I felt a true communication with my higher self."

- Julie

"I saw a shining diamond in my higher heart! I felt so much compassion for myself!"

- Janet (Sweden)

"That was so, so beautiful…. Feeling energized with so much love … thank you x"

- Pippa (U.K.)

Meet Gabrielle.

I am a gifted multi-dimensional channel and quantum frequency healer with a unique ability to connect with your Highest Self. My purpose is to assist you in clearing past, present, and future life issues while providing you with the universal knowledge, understanding, and activations necessary to propel you along your highest divine path. Working closely with Mother Mary and the Golden Beings of Light from the 12D Great Central Sun, I offer a new system for deep healing, raising your vibration, and achieving Divine Alignment. My focus is on helping you rapidly progress towards creating a fulfilling life, embracing your mission and purpose, and becoming a co-creator of your reality.

I understand that leading a life of fulfillment, meaning, and impact requires commitment and work, yet many of us are unsure of where to start or have become stuck along the way. I am here to guide you in tapping into your unrealized potentials, becoming the spiritual leader you were meant to be, and utilizing your unique gifts to empower humanity to reach its full potential. By working with me, you will discover a life of true fulfillment, prosperity, and meaning, as you align with your divine purpose.

Our Clients Have Amazing Experiences

“OMG, when you said “put your hands on (Mother Mary’s) Sacred Heart, all of a sudden I just unexplainably got choked up and started crying. I really needed this.” Sofie (Texas)

“I came out of the meditation after the call was over! During the healing, I saw this 3 headed dog that was viciously attacking my left side where the pain has been and oozing this green and yellow gunk into my stomach. The Golden Christ Consciousness liquid engulfed the 3 headed dog turning it into gold and the pain is gone.” Kim (Florida)

 "Pure bliss…….I saw my old program burn away in the flames of the fire!" Pippa (U.K.)

"I love emotional freedom! When you can hear what other people have to say without taking on their baggage. Being able to discern what is yours to process vs. others baggage that is not about you. That is emotional freedom!" Katie (Texas)

Take action now and explore this incredible package! With a focus on inner healing and liberation, this program empowers you to tap into your full potential and access your extraordinary best self.

  • 21 days of daily quantum energy infusion and support
  • Journal of reflection, guidance & visualizations to enhance your daily healing experience
  • 21 days of video masterclasses for higher levels of healing and activation

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